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It's all about the cabbage

I can't wait until next year and all of the beautiful cabbages I will get to harvest. Here are some of my favorite cabbage pictures!

My lovely kale growing alongside garden cosmos 'Rubenza', cardoon and other brassicas, covered by the curtain Lill from IKEA.


My garden is a brown mess this time of the year. I'm looking out on my beds from my home office window, and it's hard to believe that this area used to be lush and flourishing just a few months ago.

I recently went through some pictures of cabbage that I wanted to use for my articles. My husband was sitting next to me in the couch and I just had to turn around and share my joy with him. I tried to find the words to describe the butterflies in my stomach that start fluttering whenever I see these beautiful vegetables. I just can't wait until my next sowing and everything that comes with it. It might sound a bit strange if you don't share the same passion for growing vegetables, I get that. But I thought that you might know what I'm talking about!


My favorite pics

Here are some of my favorite pictures of cabbages. You can grow all of them in a regular kitchen garden, with a little motivation and some hard work.


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This gorgeous pointed cabbage Kalibos is so beautiful with its purple and green leaves.



I grow Chinese cabbage here in my garden, mostly for my son Viggo's sake. He carries the large cabbage heads around and tells me I'm the best mom in the world for growing them. Chinese cabbage is his favorite!


skillnadenstradgard_kal_purpurkal Red cabbage

The color of this lovely scarlet kale just knocks me off my feet. It's really hardy too, so I definitely recommend that you grow it in your own garden.


skillnadenstradgard_kal_rodkal. Red cabbage.

I love these beautiful colorful cabbages! I think that everyone should grow red cabbage. It adds a splash of color to your dishes and looks lovely in your garden too. You can grow a large head relatively easy.


skillnadenstradgard_savoy_kal. Cabbage head.

I'm sowing a few fast-growing varieties in my polytunnel in January. For example this savoy cabbage Vorbote 3, which I was able to start harvesting in early May. Harvest leaf by leaf. The leaves turn whiter as time goes along.


En av mina favoriter är savoykålen 'San Michele'. Ett närmast vitt huvud innanför gröna foderblad med lila bladnerver. En måste-ha-kål! Cabbage head, San Michele.

This is one of my favorites, the savoy cabbage San Michele. The cabbage head is almost completely white, inside a number of green sepals with purple nerves.


More about cabbage

I'm not the only one excited though! All of my children absolutely adore them in all shapes and sizes. I just love watching them munch on their favorites in the kitchen garden. Even my infants get used to the taste early when I give them a cabbage leaf to chew on. Perfect for when they start teething.

You can read more about cabbage and kale here on the blog, I have plenty of articles about them. Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel too!
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09. December 2019

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