01. December 2019

Buying glass jars and bottles

Many of you have been asking me about my lovely new glass jars and bottles. This is where I got them.

Glasburkar i olika storlekar står uppställda.

I'm buying glass jars and bottles for my homemade marmalades and juices. Convenient and pretty!


I finally pulled myself together and ordered a batch of glass jars and bottles. It has made a huge difference for me! Especially when it comes to pickling. It just got a lot more fun! Many of you who follow me on social media have been asking me about the glass jars and bottles I use in my kitchen, so I decided to write a bit more about them here.


Unmatched lids

I have enthusiastically been making jam, pickled and preserved vegetables for many years now. Mostly in repurposed old jars. Every now and then, my husband has had enough with all the cardboard boxes and paper bags filled with glass jars and plenty of unmatched lids, tucked away in any free corners of the house. I just can't throw them away! But once in a while, even I go a bit crazy at the sight of them and give my kids a few coins to match the jars with the correct lids, and then we throw away the ones we can't pair up. With or without lids, I still can't help the feeling of loss every time I have to get rid of them.

Whenever I decide to do a project where I need glass jars and bottles, I need to spend just as long finding the jars and lids that fit. It's so annoying!

This time, I decided to invest in proper glass jars and bottles for my cooking projects. I haven't regretted it once!


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Glass jars from glasochflaskor.se

I bought my bottles and jars from the site glasoflaskor.se. The site is in Swedish, but the company is based in Germany. You can pay in euros, so I thought it might be interesting for my European readers too. There are so many glass jars and bottles to choose between, their stock is huge. I have only good things to say about the transaction, it has worked really well.


What I bought:

I bought a few different kinds of bottles and jars, and I wanted to tell you more about them below. The links are in Swedish, but I translated the titles below so that you understand what I decided to buy:

Glass jar with snap-on lid 1500 ml
Glass jar with snap-on lid 1000 ml
Glass jar with regular lid 106 ml
Glass jar with regular lid 375 ml
Glass jar with regular lid 720 ml
Glass jar with regular lid 1062 ml
Glass bottle with regular lid 250 ml


I decided to use the snap-on lid jars for my lacto-fermentation projects. Hindsight is of course 20/20, I wish I had bought these jars several years ago. They are just fantastic!

What about the regular glass jars then? Well, I thought they would be perfect for pickling cucumber and beets, and my homemade jams and marmalades. I especially like the tiny jars, I'm going to put my most luxurious marmalades in these.

We decided to use the glass bottles for my homemade apple juice. Mainly the smaller bottles, so that my kids could bring the juice with them to school. You could however also use these bottles at the dinner table too, they are after all so pretty to look at!


Glasburkar med citronmarmelad och citroner. Glass jars with lemon marmalade.

Lemon marmalade, made from lemon peels straight from the freezer.


Broken glass?

Some of you might wonder how on earth they managed to send a bunch of glass jars all the way from Germany. Well apparently, our mailman got the largest boxes he had ever delivered. He even helped me carry them to the door, because I couldn't do it on my own.

The glass jars and bottles were thoroughly protected with plenty of foam and cardboard. All in all, I have bought several hundred jars and bottles and not one of them has been broken. I'm very impressed!


My new glass jars and bottles are such a treasure! It's a lot more fun to make marmalades and jams now!


As you might have realized by now, I'm very happy with the purchase. I know that I'm going to be able to use these lovely jars for a long time going forward. I'm probably going to buy even more next year, most likely more jars with snap-on lids. After all, it's so convenient if the lids are actually attached to the jars so I don't have to find them later.

I have rows upon rows of jars filled with jam and pickled or lacto-fermented vegetables on my shelves now. It looks so lovely! I hope this post inspired you to get your own glass jars and bottles for your cooking projects at home.
/Sara Bäckmo


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