DIY: Knitted puff sleeve cardigan

I just love knitting! This is my latest creation, a purple puff sleeve cardigan.

Sara med utfällda armar i lila kofta och gräslöken som blommar i förgrunden. Puff sleeve cardigan, chives in the foreground.

I finished my purple puff sleeve cardigan right when the beautiful chive flowers started to bloom in my garden.


My knitted puff sleeve cardigan is finally done! It took a bit longer than expected to finish it since fixing buttons and making the final adjustments just wasn't as fun as spending time in the garden this time of year. There are still a few things I could perfect, like add the last button and a waistband, but I couldn't stop myself from wearing it already.

A few of you have seen my puff sleeve cardigan in progress on Instagram and I wanted to show you a few pictures of the result. I found a pattern for the cardigan but decided to make some creative changes when it comes to length, the puffed sleeves and the collar. I made some sketches of the pattern and I'll post instructions here as soon as I can.


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En stående selfie som visar den lila tröjan i helbild. My puff sleeve cardigan.

I used several different shades of purple wool yarn to make my puff sleeve cardigan.


Närbild på kragen som är full med små utstickande stickade piggar. Puff sleeve cardigan, collar.

The collar is higher in the back, I made it with elastic fabric and decided to go for an interesting design with little spikes. It looks advanced but it's actually really easy to make.


Sara ligger på träflis och hela tröjan syns. My puff sleeve cardigan.

I decided to make long and puffy sleeves with elastic bands in the cuffs.


Den taggiga kragen når hela vägen upp till öronen. My puff sleeve cardigan.

The collar is higher in the back, which is perfect for me with short hair.


Sara sitter vid blommande gräslök. My puff sleeve cardigan.

I love my creative puff sleeve cardigan! I'm already working on a new one.


Sara står upp och tittar ut över kohagen och visar tröjans ok. My puff sleeve cardigan.

I made it with circular needles and decided to steek it in the middle.


Sara liggandes på flisen och visar koftan framifrån. My puff sleeve cardigan.

Large snap buttons covered by a crushed velvet ribbon close the cardigan, underneath the yarn.


Sara sitter vid blommande lila gräslök. My puff sleeve cardigan.

I just love long-sleeved cardigans you can warm your hands in when it gets cold.


I'm so happy about the color by the way! My friend Katinka had plenty of this yarn at home and I couldn't stay away from it. I love that the chive flowers are exactly the same color as my cardigan too! It makes me want to wear it in the garden even more.

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A few of you who comment on Facebook or Instagram wonder why I wear my knitted cardigans and sweaters in the garden. Won't they get dirty or possibly damaged? Well, my philosophy is that I want to wear the clothes I make. Sure, I get dirty out here sometimes but soil is easy to wash off. I actually enjoy spending some time in the garden wearing something nice I made myself. And the yarn I use isn't too expensive either, so I don't worry about it too much.
/Sara Bäckmo

18. June 2019

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