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Oak Hill Cottage Garden - August 2019

The beds in my cottage garden are overflowing! I'm especially happy about the lovely summer flowers at Oak Hill.

I just love being surrounded by the lush green and flowers! I could hardly think about anything else than the summer flowers at Oak Hill Cottage Garden in August.


August is my month, and it feels even more so since I started gardening. My birthday is on the 10:th, and this time of year is always packed with extra everything in the garden. I enjoy it though! I'm so wrapped up in everything that's going on now, but I still can't help myself from thinking forward too.

My August vlog is all about my plans for the garden going forward. And the beautiful flowers at Oak Hill too of course.




More about flowers: Growing annual flowers from seed


You see a lot of my garden in the vlog of course, but I also wanted to make an especially inspiring video for you. Looking at this really keeps me going through the cold, dark winter months!




My garden has transformed from a dry and boring lawn to a flourishing little oasis in only a few months. I'm actually really proud of myself and my efforts, it turned out so well after all! Some of you might wonder where I found the time for this project, since I have so much else going on. I do to at times! But I try not to ponder it too much. I just need to keep going and prepare for next season, without biting off more than I can chew of course.

Here are some pictures from my cottage garden in August:


I made a new bed here on an elevated spot in my garden. I'm going to use it for even more summer flowers at Oak Hill Cottage Garden next year. This year, I grew cabbage here though. Here are a few bok choy that I harvested right after they started bolting.


This is my napa cabbage. I sowed it in tight rows and did a first little harvest around four weeks after sowing.


My homegrown napa cabbage! I'm going to harvest the rest of them later, when they grow a bit larger.


What a lovely mix! The New Zealand spinach in the front, it's so massive. You can also see leek, squash, celery and chard among the summer flowers at Oak Hill.


I think I managed to get a nice mix of different vegetables this first season. The garden looks so beautiful on the hill and I think that both the house and the yard look a lot more interesting with the garden here. A lot of tourists pass by the cottage on the way to the village, and I got to hear lovely compliments all summer. So nice!


If you want to grow something big and noticeable, I really recommend flowering tobacco. The white one is called Sylvestris.


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Be sure to check out Sara's Kitchen Garden on YouTube for more content from Oak Hill Cottage Garden, and don't forget to read the other articles in the series here on the blog. And comment below, I'm so curious to hear what you think about this project!
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15. February 2020