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Stäng menyn

Gardening calendar: What I sow in May

It might actually be easier to list the vegetables I don't sow in May. This is a busy time in my kitchen garden!

What I sow in may

My polytunnel is filled with sowings here in May, and I just keep sowing!


Most of the vegetables I have already sowed this year, I also sow in May. Plus a few new ones of course. I keep pre-seeding a lot so that I have a little arsenal of plants I can put in the beds later, and direct-sow too.

This is what I sow in May:


Indoors, plant outside later:
Naked-seeded pumpkin

Indoors, plant in polytunnel 1:
Mouse melon

Polytunnel, plant outside later:

Late cabbage
Late savoy cabbage
Late red cabbage
Chinese cabbage
Black kale
Green kale
Purple kale


Winter carrot
Summer carrot
Welsh onion
Fava beans
Snap beans
Wax beans
String beans
Petit pois
Sugar peas
Sugar snap peas
Onion set
Seed potato
Summer flowers

The only vegetables I don't sow in May are radishes, arugula and spinach. They usually only bolt now that the days are so much longer and sunnier.
/Sara Bäckmo

02. May 2023