Growing and harvesting dill

I just love dill so naturally, I want to grow a lot of it. And harvest dill more than once!

This dill is just the right size for harvest.


Some vegetables can only be harvested once, like carrot. Others keep growing and can be harvested several times. Dill is a great example of the latter. If you are new to dill, just leave the plant alone after harvesting it and it will start growing back in no time.


Frodig grön dill bredvid ljust gröna sallatsblad. Harvesting dill, lovely green dill next to my lettuce.

The low-growing variety Bouquet is easy to grow and freeze.


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I have a 20 feet (around 6 meters) long row filled with dill in my polytunnel. I broadcast-sowed the seeds in winter. The variety is called Bouquet, which is a low-growing variety. I just love watching the dill grow now in spring. It looks like a beautiful green river flowing through my rows of lettuce and cabbage. Now, it's time to harvest and store my lovely dill for winter.

I'm growing this dill simply to freeze it, and that's why I decided to go for a low-growing variety. I harvest the bundles when they are still quite small. The best thing about this is that the stalks are so thin and tender that I don't need to remove them when I chop the dill. I usually need to remove thicker stalks when growing dill.


En plantering med grönsaker i långa rader. Harvesting dill, long rows of vegetables.

The dill will grow back in no time. Lettuce and cabbage are growing close nearby.


Nerklippta plantor sätter nya blad.

It grows so quickly, you can start harvesting dill again in a few weeks.


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Cut the plant

I cut the entire row after harvesting, and only leave 2 inches (around 5 centimeters) of the plant. It only takes a few days for the plants to start growing again in this warm weather. This way, I can harvest 2-3 times before the stalks become too long and start to bolt.

Harvesting dill more than once is great! I do this in several spots in my garden, where I just cut as much as I need momentarily and then leave the rest.

You can keep sowing dill all summer, so go get your seed packets! There's no such thing as too much when it comes to dill.
/Sara Bäckmo

21. June 2021

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