05. November 2019

How to Freeze Brussels Sprouts

It doesn't matter if you grow them yourself or happen to buy a large batch in the store, you can always freeze Brussels sprouts for later. This is how.

Rensade brysselkål i ljust grönt ligger i olika skålar och på brickor. Freeze brussels sprouts, light green brussels sprouts in different-colored bowls.

I recently cleaned around two gallons (8 liters) of Brussels sprouts. It took me two hours and I entertained myself with a few podcasts in the meantime.


Many of the vegetables I grow here at home are very low-maintenance, like for example Brussels sprouts. If you manage to protect them against infestations (for example by growing them under a net or using biological pesticides), you will most likely get a nice big harvest in late fall.


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Brussels sprouts are so versatile! I use them in so many dishes. Why not have Brussels sprouts instead of snap peas for example? Or use them to replace potatoes as a side to your regular fish, meat or vegetarian main courses. I often freeze Brussels sprouts from my garden to keep them fresh longer.


Clean the Brussels sprouts

What are Brussels sprouts then? Well, they are simply put tiny little cabbage heads growing on a thick stalk. You can break them off the stalk quite easily when large enough. The outer leaves are often a little bruised and damaged though, so you probably want to remove them. Use a small knife and your fingertips to peel them off. Needless to say, it takes a while if you have a lot of them.


Rensade brysselkål i ljust grönt ligger i olika skålar och på brickor.

I try not to remove too much when I clean my Brussels sprouts, but it does add up. Thankfully, I still have plenty left.



Remember to parboil your Brussels sprouts before freezing them. Doing this will help preserve the color and flavor of your Brussels sprouts even after a while in the freezer. Add the sprouts when the water is boiling, put a lid on top and cook for two minutes.

A general rule of thumb is to always cool down parboiled vegetables quickly so that they don't get overcooked. I usually pour the Brussels sprouts into a sieve as soon as possible, and then I put the sieve in a large bowl filled with cold water.


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How to freeze Brussels sprouts

Strain the Brussels sprouts and put them in large freezer bags. Try to not overfill the bags though. If they stick together after freezing, you could always just bang the bag against something hard to separate them.


Rensade brysselkål i ljust grönt ligger i olika skålar och på brickor.

You can eat the Brussels sprouts raw too, finely shredded. I always freeze Brussels sprouts, this is, in my opinion, the best way to store it.


Brussels sprouts with honey and almond

This delicious side dish goes great with a few slices of roast beef and some fresh vegetables. So good!

  • Chop almonds and roast them in a dry pan.
  • Cut the fresh Brussels sprouts in half and pan-fry them in butter together with finely chopped shallots. Be careful with the heat though, they should cook slowly (but make sure they still have a little bite of course.)
  • Add the almond flakes and a little honey. Season with salt.


Brussels sprouts take a while to grow, so remember to sow them in time! Good luck!
/Sara Bäckmo

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