19. April 2020

How to Sprout Anything at Home

Fresh, crispy and delicious sprouts from your window sill? No problem! This is how you grow your own sprouts at home!

Flera olika små kärl med läckra groddar tillpiffade med violblommor.

Some of my broccoli sprouts in the kitchen. You can really sprout anything at home with just a few simple tricks!


You might not believe it, but I wasn't born a sprouting enthusiast. And it pains me to tell you that! I started off experimenting with so many different methods and little tricks to get excited about it but it didn't come naturally to me. It wasn't until I bought a lovely little clay sprouter and a bunch of different seeds to try out that it actually came together for me. It's been a year since and I couldn't be happier about sprouting today.

Here are some of my best tips on how to get started with your own sprouting routine!


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Sprout a little here and there

One of the greatest mistakes I made was to go too big way too soon. I always used to make huge batches! In general, I think it's difficult to know how many sprouts you get from even a small amount of seeds. I got way too many and couldn't eat all my sprouts before they started going bad. Needless to say, it felt like a waste to grow sprouts for the compost to enjoy.

This great little clay sprouter is the perfect size. I can put a little layer of seeds in the bottom of a container and then the sprouts fill the entire box. Then, I can eat it all within days. Perfect!

You don't need to use this exact type of box to succeed though. Just make sure to start small until you find the right amount of seeds for you. I would recommend starting with a tablespoon of seeds for example. If you find that you need more than that later, you can just add some more for the next batch.



Find your favorite

Before I got into sprouting, I didn't really understand how many different varieties there are. And how different they taste for that matter! Broccoli seeds are supposed to be great for beginners. The broccoli sprouts have a mild and uncomplicated flavor profile.

Why not buy a few different types of seeds and experiment? One variety might work great in salads, and another one could be the perfect topping on sandwiches.

My sprouting favorite is probably Chinese chives. They are also called garlic chives, since the flavor is very reminiscent of garlic. I just love this allium. You can eat everything from the flowers to the buds, leaves and seeds. What could possibly be better than that?


En kruka med groddar fotograferad ovanifrån.

My new sandwich topping favorite, Chinese chive sprouts.


Sprout several varieties

In the past, I noticed that I had a tendency to sprout way too much of the same variety. Then I got sick of it. This year, I decided to keep my little sprouting containers full at all times, with a mix of different seeds instead. For example broccoli, onion, garlic and a mix of different beans and lentils.

Did you know that you can make bread with sprouts too? It's so good! The bread gets such a nice and rich flavor. Especially if you use newly sprouted sprouts from lentils and beans. Delicious!


Groddar fotograferade utomhus i olika kärl.

The sprouts get a nice green color if you put them in a sunny spot.


Don't worry if you don't have a designated sprouting box like I do at home. You can do it in so many different containers! My friend Katinka sprouts her seeds in a regular sifter in a bowl. She just pours water on top of the seeds a few times a day and gives them a shake. That's all! She swears by this method. I'm going to stick with my little clay sprouter though, I just think it looks so adorable in my kitchen!

Do you have any sprouting tips? Comment below and share your experiences!
/Sara Bäckmo

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  1. zosia marsh says:

    Thank you Sara, this was very interesting. I love your clay pots. Can you buy them on line?
    I shall try this at home.

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