29. October 2018

Live day 1: Things I harvest in October

I made a challenge for this week: I will do one live stream on YouTube each day. Today I tried to show you some of the things I can harvest in October.

This week I do one live stream on YouTube every day. It's really a challenge. Mostly when it comes to technical things. Well, well. The weather didn't allow me to move around in the garden today, without losing the connection. Hopefully, I can do that tomorrow instead when it's not so windy. Otherwise, I will try to show you the vegetables I talked about today in another way.

Here is today's video.



Thank you all for watching! It is amazing to sit in my garden in Sweden and see all your names and realizing you follow me from all over the world. Gardening is really a nice way to get to know new people!

If you want a notification tomorrow when I start a new live stream, you could easily subscribe my YouTube for free and being reminded when it is time. Subscribe here: Sara's Kitchen Garden.

If there is anything special you want to see during this week, please leave a comment. See you tomorrow!
/Sara Bäckmo

2 responses to “Live day 1: Things I harvest in October”

  1. Heidi says:

    I just love this - it’s given me so much hope for my own garden in the cold of Minnesota, USA.
    Tack för idag!
    I loved watching this.

    • Sara Bäckmo says:

      Thank you Heidi! So glad you are watching. It's difficult to find a good time to do the live videos so that you can watch directly since you are asleep whan I am awake =) Hope to show you some of my new projects tomorrow. See you!

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