01. November 2018

Live day 4: How to prepare beds for winter

In one way one can say that I start to prepare next season already in fall. Now I decide which beds I will grow in winter (wintersowings) to get an early harvest, and how to do it. I tell you and show you how I do this in today's live stream.

It's the fourth day in my live-project for YouTube and I turned on the camera early this morning, nearly still asleep. And I managed to "catch" some of you watching from New Zealand and other countries who use to be asleep when it is daytime in Sweden. Super!

It's wonderful to go up early and spend a few minutes, or hours, in the garden! Birds, the neighbor's chicken and the wind in the trees keep me company.

Today I tell you some about how important the garden is to me and how it helps me to feel like the best Sara. And I also answer Julie's questions, I got them from Sara's Kitchen Garden at Facebook:

"Hi Sara. Your videos are such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️
I’m wondering how and when you prepare your outside beds for winter?
And.. is there any hope that your new book will be published in English?"

Check today's video here:



Read the blog post I refer to, about mulching with wool, here: Mulching with sheep wool.

Here are my videos from earlier this week:







Now that you have seen so many videos from my garden, maybe you want to show me something from your garden? I run an international garden-group at Facebook, still quite small though, and I would be so happy if you'll make a post and share something from your garden there. Join The Kitchen Garden Worldwide!

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/Sara Bäckmo



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