My homemade rosehip puree

The rosehips are ripe in Sweden and that means a lot of picking here at home! I make rosehip puree that I can use in plenty of different desserts. Yum!

En påse med mängder av nyplockade orangea nypon i.Rosehip puree.

I picked 15 pounds (around 7 kilos) one afternoon and I decided to make rosehip puree of course!


It's rosehip season and all I want to do is pick more and more! I often make a nice rosehip puree that I can use as the main ingredient in all kinds of projects in my kitchen. My kids love my traditional Swedish rosehip soup (served cold as for example a dessert.)

The best thing about this puree is that I don't have to remove any seeds. And it's so convenient that I can store my puree in the freezer and use any time I want.


Rosehip puree

  • Remove all the plant parts from the rosehips, it's fast and easy work with the help of a small knife.
  • Rinse the rosehips if necessary.
  • Put the rosehips in a large pot and fill it up with enough water to completely cover the rosehips.
  • Boil until soft.
  • Put the rosehips and the water (don't remove the water before) in a food processor with an attachment you can use to puree the rosehips and separate the seeds from the pulp.
  • You can run the seeds through the food processor once more if there's still pulp mixed in with the seeds.

You could also make a smaller batch of puree by simply pushing it through a fine sieve, but it's difficult to make larger quantities this way. Store the puree in the freezer.

The process doesn't look very appealing but it's so worth the messy work!


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Hushållsassistenten sedd ovanifrån med nypon som åker ner i maskinen och kommer ut som ett mos.

This food processor has an attachment that separates the seeds and the pulp.


Närbild på purén som kommer ur maskinen, den är starkt orange.

You can change the texture by adding a little bit more water to your rosehips.


More about rosehips: Homemade rosehip soup


I hope you will enjoy this rosehip puree as much as I do! You can use it for so many different projects in the kitchen. Why not try to make my traditional Swedish rosehip soup in the recipe above? Bon appetit!
/Sara Bäckmo

22. August 2023

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