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New series: Tomatoes from sowing to harvest

I love growing tomatoes! In spring I sow many different varieties, I love the rich diversity in tomatoes when it comes to the way they look and how they taste. In this new series, we follow the tomatoes from sowing to harvest.

En körsbärstomat på klase håller på att mogna.

Ripening cherry tomatoes in my garden.


I'm so excited! Here's my new series about tomatoes. I sow tomatoes and follow the plants through the summer. They are really popular to grow so I thought I would give you the opportunity to see how I grow some of my plants.

The series was recorded spring 2018, you can watch the first part here:



A viewer corrected me when it comes to the name of the tomato variety. I thought the salesperson meant that Bajaja was Red Riding Hood from the tale about the girl and the wolf, but it seems like I misunderstood. Bajaja is the name of a Czech prince. Oh well, we are pretty keen on both princes and princesses in my home - so a tomato variety with the name of a prince is very welcome.

In addition to being a tomato that yields a great harvest, is suited to grow outdoors, fits nicely in pots and grows just under 40 inches tall - Bajaja is both fast-growing and gives a very early harvest. It can be bought in online shops.

'Bajaja' is a bushy tomato said to work just fine even outdoors, with hundreds of tomatoes to harvest. It says on the bag that there can be up to 750 tomatoes on each plant, however, the sales person said around 900.


Lot's of tomatoes in my garden

I grow a bunch of tomatoes at home, and I have plenty of tricks to get the harvest we need in my family. But, I don't want to portrait myself as some kind of expert in growing tomatoes. Somehow, I have some extra respect for the art of growing tomatoes. Maybe because this area within gardening is especially governed by many rules and must-does.


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Recipes with tomatoes

There are so many delicious recipes containing tomatoes, I love the endless combinations of tomatoes in our cooking. Throughout summer I keep making a cheap and delicious tomato and squash salsa that makes a great base for sauces, lasagnas, and stews. It's a fantastic way to make the precious tomatoes last longer.

If you are looking for more inspiration in the kitchen, you should even try making these sweet, fried tomatoes with pasta. I make mine with chili and garlic and serve them with a bowl of fresh pasta. Perfect for a quick lunch or evening snack!


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What do you want to see?

The series about how I grow the different varieties have been very popular and I would like to make more of those. Is there any vegetable you would like to follow throughout the year? Please comment below.

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20. March 2023