05. February 2020

Oak Hill Cottage Garden - April 2019

Spring finally came to my Oak Hill Cottage garden. Just the right time to start the new beds and get my little cottage office in order!


Welcome to Oak Hill Cottage Garden! My new little project on one of the few hills around here. I wanted to show you more of my house, check it out here:



Pictures of the house

I feel so excited to share my journey at Oak Hill Cottage with you! Here are some pictures from April last year. Click or hover on the picture to read the captions.


Matching colors! My first harvest from Oak Hill, fresh sprouts that I was able to harvest just a few days after closing on the house. I'm eating them on crispbread together with blue cheese and pear slices. I just love crispbread, it's the perfect afternoon snack together with a nice cup of tea.


We decided to keep the house a secret at first. I'm going to write more about our children's reactions when we told them later. They love the house! This is our first breakfast together in Oak Hill Cottage.


Oak Hill Cottage is only 2 miles (around 3 kilometers) away. I take the bike on warm days. This is my new office!


One of the first tasks was to create a nice backdrop for my online course about growing beans and peas. What a fun project!


I'm planning the layout of my new cottage garden. It's so much fun! I have been longing to create a brand-new garden. I'm so excited to see how it's going to turn out. The water hose outlines my future bed.


Plenty of people wanted to know what I was up to when they passed by the house. At first, the idea was to make the cottage garden in the backyard, but my friend and colleague Maria Fors Östberg persuaded me to do it here instead. Why not show the world after all?


I can't believe how much I managed to get done in the limited time I actually spent in the beginning.


My new bed is under construction! I used the same simple methods as I do at home and it works really well. The simple methods are the best. I rely on them to have enough time and energy to take care of my garden and family.


Oak Hill Cottage is very small, and our dog Kuling is very large. Not the best combination! We keep him in the hallway when he's inside, but there's plenty of room to roam outside. He usually stays at home with my husband Philip when the kids and I stay over at the house though. Such homebodies!


Our friend Håkan came over with plenty of new wood chips for the new garden, fresh from the local sawmill. I have plenty of little helpers and it didn't take too long before the wood chips were in the right spots. I really recommend using wood chips in the garden. It's easy and super convenient!


More about  Oak Hill Cottage Garden:

This garden is actually really old, people have been growing vegetables here for a long time. There are plenty of fruit trees and some berry bushes around the house. And of course, rhubarb. I'm trying to get a nice harvest next year and using plenty of fertilizer to get there. I did manage to grow rhubarb in no more than 18 days recently though. Learn more about it here:



More about starting a garden: Starting a small vegetable garden


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/Sara Bäckmo

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