Apples in a steam juicer

Cider and apple sauce are delicious of course, but you can also put your apples in a steam juicer and make some lovely homemade apple juice!

En korg med klirrande klara flaskor med guldguld äppelsaft i. Mot en lökig bakgrund.
  • apples
  • water, 2 cups (0.5 liters) per 2 lbs (around 1 kilos) of apples sugar
  • spices, for example cinnamon sticks, allspice and clove

In my mind, fall means apples. It just amazes me how these seemingly fragile fruits can survive on the trees despite the cold and frosty nights right now. They are stubborn! This is my lovely homemade apple juice!


Fill the juicer with chopped apples, water and around 1/4 cups (1/2 dl) of sugar per 2 lbs of fruit. You can fit around 10 lbs of apples in the container.
Season the mix with for example 10 whole cloves, 2 cinnamon sticks and 4 allspice berries.
Boil until the apples are soft.
Pour the juice into jars with lids. They are really easy to put in the freezer, stack and clean.

I always try to keep the apples that I used for the juice, and make apple sauce with them. Simply take the soft apple pieces from the juicer (or pot for that matter) after some of the juice has been separated. Put the pieces in a mixer. I freeze plenty of the mixed apples and make sweet apple sauce with the rest.


Recipe: Sara Bäckmo
Photo: Maria Strömberg Bååth


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