18. January 2021

Celeriac and mushroom soup

This wonderful creamy soup is just the best comfort food out there, especially on cold and dark winter nights.

Härligt vacker soppa med rotselleri och svamp.
  • celeriac
  • potatoes
  • carrot
  • onion
  • garlic
  • vegetable stock
  • cream
  • butter
  • salt
  • pepper
  • diced mushrooms

A bowl of rich, warm soup tastes wonderful all year round. I often make soup with root vegetables that start to get a little bit soft and that I need to clear out of my storage spaces. This celeriac and mushroom soup is delicious!

You can use many different kinds of mushrooms, for example, porcini, chanterelle, funnel chanterelle, button mushroom or something else.


Peel and cut the root vegetables. Use celeriac, a few potatoes and a carrot or two.
Chop the onion.
Pan-fry the root vegetables and onion in butter, in a thick saucepan. Don't let them get brown though.
Add enough stock to cover the vegetables and boil them for around 20 minutes until soft.
Blend the stew until smooth.
Add some more stock and a little bit of cream to adjust the texture, season with salt and pepper.
Dice the mushrooms and parboil them (put them in a frying pan with a little bit of water in the bottom and cook the mushrooms until almost all of the fluid has evaporated.) You can of course also use frozen mushrooms that are already parboiled. If you do, go to the next step.
Put some butter in the pan and fry the mushrooms with chopped garlic until they get some color.

Serve the celeriac and mushroom soup with a handful of mushrooms and parsley on top, and eat it with crispbread and some nice cottage cheese.


Recipe: Sara Bäckmo
Photo: Maria Fors Östberg


Härligt vacker soppa med rotselleri och svamp.

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  1. Patti says:

    I made this soup last night and it was delicious! I used leeks instead of onions and added a bit of dried thyme and dried parsley but that was it for changes. I will make this again for sure. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

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