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Homemade vegetable stock

I always make my own homemade vegetable stock with the vegetables I don't quite know what to do with here in the garden. This tasty stock will add some delicious flavor to your soups and stews. Try making your own too!

Två händer häller upp buljong i en stor koppargryta.
  • mixed vegetables, for example parsley stems, onion greens, carrots, parsnips and tomatoes.

Making vegetable stock is a great way to deal with the excess of vegetables your garden might produce. Having some homemade vegetable stock around is always convenient. You can for example keep it in the freezer and use it whenever you want.


Fill a pot (up to half) with mixed vegetables. You can for example use parsley stalks, onion greens, carrots, parsnips, tomatoes or other vegetables at hand.
Add enough water to cover the vegetables.
Season with salt, bay leaves and white pepper.
Boil the vegetables until soft, after about 30 minutes.
Pour the stock into a bowl through a sieve and let it cool down.
Use shortly after or freeze.

You can use this homemade vegetable stock in for example soups or stews. Delicious!


Recipe: Sara Bäckmo
Photo: Maria Strömberg Bååth

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