22. February 2019

Storing dried beans

I dry and store my beans in room temperature, actually in my home office. Storing dried beans this way works really well!

Påsar med torkade baljväxter

One of the corners of my home office is filled with beans, for example borlotti beans, brown beans, cannelini beans, ying yang beans and green beans.


I shared a picture on my Instagram a while ago and loads of people reached out to me with questions about my storing methods. "Do you just keep them in bags like that?"

I realize how it looks! But I'm the only one using this office space and I don't mind that one of the corners is completely occupied by beans. This is how I store the harvest from last year.

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Simple solutions

Storing dried beans doesn't have to be harder than this! Sure, it might look a lot nicer to remove the beans from the pods, keeping them in glass jars on a shelf. But it's ok to keep them in the bags too, as long as no mice decide to come for a visit. I had this issue last year when they got to almost all of my dried fava beans I kept in a crate on my office floor.



So, you can absolutely try storing dried beans and peas in paper bags in dry conditions and room temperature. Whenever I want to use the beans in my cooking, I just go get a bag and then I spend some time together with my children, picking the beans from the pods.


Torkade baljor liger i en brun papperspåse. Storing dried beans, dried pods in a brown paper bag.

This is a lovely little bean I really enjoy. I don't remember what it's called though!


Last year was a really good year for beans and I got a nice and large harvest. I still have a lot of beans in these bags and I won't have to grow and dry as much this year. That's what I think now at least. But I haven't sown this year's beans and I know that my fingers will start to itch when it's time. Beans are after all so important to my garden, so I can't really get enough!
/Sara Bäckmo

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  1. tanja says:

    i love seeing you and hearing you on you tube, because i am doing lessons in swedisch language AND i like gardening. So that is two in one!!!!
    I also recommened it to a fellow student who likes gardening as well

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