Stäng menyn

Red cabbage gratin with blue cheese

When you have access to delicious red cabbage, there's really no need to complicate things. Simply add some blue cheese and make a red cabbage gratin. It's so good!

  • Red pointed cabbage or regular red cabbage
  • Blue cheese

Red cabbage is probably my favorite winter cabbage. The beautiful vibrant color always gets me in a good mood. I use it for all kinds of dishes, but most often in salads or coleslaw. This is a warm and savory favorite of mine though, red cabbage gratin with blue cheese.

Try to use loosely held cabbage heads when you make your gratin. These cabbage heads are nice and tender, and the gratin goes great with so many different sides.


Turn the oven to 440 degrees (225 degrees Celsius.)
Cut the cabbage head in half and remove the white core.
Cut as much cabbage as you want to use into smaller pieces.
Boil the cabbage in lightly salted water until it becomes a little softer (but still crispy.)
Strain the cabbage.
Put the cabbage in an oven dish together with crumbled blue cheese.
Cook the cabbage for around ten minutes, until the cheese melts and gets a little color.

If you prefer Parmesan or goat cheese for your red cabbage gratin, use that instead.


Recipe: Sara Bäckmo
Photo: Maria Strömberg Bååth