05. November 2018

All live streams from last week

Last week I did seven long live streams from my garden, where I showed how I make new raised beds from weeds, mulch with wool and also managed to answer pretty much all questions you asked me. So fun!

Thank you, thank you for keeping me company last week during my live stream project! It is nice to do things that are not the same each and every day, things that are different and give a new perspective. The last week was like that for me. Comments from other parts of the world, talking English, challenge my self to do new things and to think in new ways.

Last week I didn't do any new specific blog posts, I put all my focus on the live streams. I think everything worked fine and I feel happy about it. Well, except that it is hard to make the technic work perfectly. And it also showed that it is still very difficult for me to do live streams for Facebook with a good result. Well, well.

Here I have put together all live streams from last week:












Monday now, new week. And I have missed writing new blog posts! I have made a whole lot of things in the garden during last week and I am looking forward to sharing that with you. Kids were free from school last week and we had pretty much time together in the garden. Lovely weather for being November too. Same for you?

Now I will write you a new blog post and there will be both blogs and new recipes this week. And share some new videos on YouTube of course. See you!
/Sara Bäckmo


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  1. maggie thompson says:

    Hello Sara,
    I did not think I would find someone who loves growing vegetables as much as I do...but here you are! I write to you from the foot of Ben Nevis, Scotland. Our garden is in the shadows of the hills. Very little sun just now. However my winter salad seeds are germinating very well under a LED grow light. I appreciate your tip not to let them dry out.
    Just now we are harvesting outdoors...Swiss Chard, Nero Toscano Kale, Leeks, Beetroot leaves, parsley with cabbages in the polytunnel. I plan to try the Bokashi Compost method. It is difficult to make sufficient compost in the slow heap method.

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