30. October 2018

Live day 2: Spinach and lettuce in my polytunnel

I got a question after yesterday's live stream: Can I grow spinach and lettuce in my polytunnel right now? Hey! You know me, right?!? There is always something to sow and plant in the garden and spinach and lettuce are great for my polytunnel in fall.

I have had an unbelievable slow day, after being awake almost all night. Both our dog and one child have been sick and made it necessary to change the plans for today. All of us are better now, though. This week I do one live stream every day on  YouTube and today I give you a short update about our Newfoundland dog Kuling. And I also answer Cynthia's question about spinach and lettuce:

"Sorry I couldn’t watch the live video, I live in the western US (SW Idaho) and it was too early for me! I love to watch your informative and interesting vlogs. My favorite of your videos is the one about making the hotbed in the polytunnel. Last year, I was inspired to make a huge one in my polytunnel, but I think I started it too late and maybe it was too big. I need to try again. I started it in March, I think and it got too hot in the polytunnel soon after. I haven’t had much luck with my polytunnel yet. Do you think it is too late to plant spinach and lettuce in the polytunnel? You are doing an amazing job with growing your own food for your family!"

Watch today's live stream here:



I hope tomorrow comes with even better weather so that I can do the whole live stream out in the garden. Is there anything you want to see? Leave a comment!

Below you can see live streams from earlier this week:



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/Sara Bäckmo

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  1. MaryEllen says:

    Love watching you, you inspire me to try to keep gardening late in the year. MaryEllen, New York, USA

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