31. October 2018

Live day 3: Bokashi and new raised beds

Fall is such a nice season for making new garden beds. Do plenty! In today's live stream at YouTube, I create a new raised bed - with one hand - and praise the compost I get from bokashi.

It has been an amazing day, with such a nice weather. So difficult to stay indoors writing on my computer! Glad I could go out in the garden for a few minutes, making today's live-stream for YouTube.  This week I don't do any ordinary blog posts, instead, I do longer live-streams for you at YouTube.

Today I share my joy about creating new space for growing vegetables. It's perfect to do in fall, when there is plenty of material to use and when I don't have so many sowings to do.



The blog post about the soil analysis I refer to can be read here: Soil analysis Part 2: Mulching works!

After I finished my live stream I actually got a barrel of soil from the raised bed I showed you at the end of the video and filled up the bed I started. Now it is done! Ready! In only a few weeks time I can make new sowings, winter sowings. I am thinking about doing a few more live streams following months to show you how it develops. Well, this is how it looks right now when it's finished.


En pallkrage med jord på toppen i trädgården.

Den första i en länga av fyra pallkragar är fylld med kompostmaterial och jord på toppen. Färdig att odla!


I am so happy that you like the live streams from my garden! The internet connection makes me a bit nervous, and as if the sound will be disturbed by the wind, but I guess I'll have to get used to it. One really good thing is that I get to practice my English!

Here are the live streams from earlier this week.





If you subscribe my channel you will have a notification telling you when I start tomorrows video: Sara's Kitchen Garden. I think it will be in the morning, Swedish time.
/Sara Bäckmo

One response to “Live day 3: Bokashi and new raised beds”

  1. rebecca says:

    Hi Sara
    I am thrilled to have found you , we have just moved to the Outer Hebrides on the west coast of Scotland. My garden here is very wet , we live at the coast and get very very strong winds , our soil is good but not deep and then there is a layer of clay underneath . I made some traditional beds last spring for our vegetable plot after making a good rabbit and sheep proof fence that was lined with wind mesh and planted out . Some of our vegetables did ok but generally not too good and by the beginning of autumn our plots were flooded !. I have subscribed to your you tube channel and find your no-dig method of making vegetable beds using composting weeds !!! fascinating. I think our only option for this season is to build raised beds and i am hoping to try your method but i wanted to know what your thoughts would be on using seaweed in the boxes to build the growing material up ?
    many thanks
    becky styles uk

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