02. July 2019

My beautiful clematis Piilu

A few of you have been asking me what the beautiful pink flowers in the background of many of my pictures are. So, I decided to dedicate an entire post to this lovely clematis called Piilu.

Närbild på rosa stora blommor över en rostig gammal cykelsadel. Pink clematis on and old, rusty bike.

This is what the beautiful pink clematis Piilu looks like.


A lovely clematis is flowering in my garden now. Many of my readers write to me when they see the flowers in the background of my pictures, they want to know what it's called. Well, I thought I would do you one better and write a whole post about it. This is my large-flowered clematis variety Piilu.

Piilu is an early clematis variety that produces beautiful pink and white flowers. They can flower on both the shoots from this year and last year which means plenty of flowers. My Piilu grows on a post by my bicycle fence. It looks so beautiful! I'm hoping that cathedral bells will start growing here too.


En massa blommor täcker hela bilden. Plenty of clematis in my garden.

The red clematis is called Red Cardinal.


En stående bild med klematis som klänger över rostiga cyklar. Clematis over my rusty old bikes.

This variety can grow to around six feet (2 meters) tall, but mine is mostly just climbing on my old rusty bikes.


Maintenance and pruning

I don't really prune this clematis, I just clean it up a little when it starts looking a bit worse for wear. When it does, I just cut the whole plant without really caring about the rules. It will grow back up just fine, it just won't grow as large as it was the first time. If you want to do it according to the book though, you should remove the dead parts in spring and then cut the smaller shoots down to a few inches.



I'm growing Piilu right in the middle of my kitchen garden. The soil is great, mainly because I do a lot of mulching here. I don't use any other fertilizer for my clematis. The mulch seems to work really well though.


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Närbild på en utslagen stor rosa blomma. Close-up of a large clematis flower.

The Piilu flower petals are light pink with darker streaks in the middle.



  • Piilu is supposed to be very hardy, even in zone 4
  • sunny/partial shade is optimal
  • flowers from May to September
  • Piilu belongs to pruning group 2
  • grows to around 6 feet (2 meters) tall


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Rosa blommor bland grönt bladverk. Pink clematis flowers.

Piilu mainly flowers in June and July, but it has a short flowering period later in summer too.


Närbild på blommor och knoppar. Close-up of clematis flower.

Everything about this flower is just beautiful.


Större bildutsnitt där delar av en gång täckt med träflis kantas av rosa blommor.

I'm growing my Piilu clematis along one of the main pathways in my garden. I would like to grow one on the other side too!


I have three other clematis varieties in my garden. I planted Red Cardinal in the same spot as Piilu, and I also have a blue Jackmanii and a large-flowered white variety that I don't remember the name of right now. I will fill you in as soon as I remember it. Clematis is so lovely, I think I will buy a few more plants for my kitchen garden.
/Sara Bäckmo


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