30. March 2018

A watering schedule for you my love

A have a lot of plants indoors right now, and I need some help taking care of them while I'm away for a few days. I made this little watering schedule for my husband to help him remember!

Ett välfyllt fönster med plantor och växtbelysning i en hall. Watering schedule, my window full of plants.

My indoor projects by the window, in March. I definitely need a watering schedule to keep track of everything.


Learn more about winter/early spring gardening here: Winter gardening in my polytunnel


The kids and I are away on an adventure! We left my husband at home with the dog and the cats, a few books and a bottle of wine. The rest of us will take a trip to the Swedish west coast. In the meantime, Philip will be responsible for my sowings indoors. For four whole days!


Thank you for taking care of my plants when I'm away! I know it's a lot when you don't know them like I do. What do they want, how much? It's not too bad though, just give the plants the same love and care that you would have given to us if we had been home. Just do your best!


Last time I was away, I made a little poem to describe the watering schedule. I decided to make a similar one this time:


Your future food grows in five spots in our house. F-i-v-e.
The bedroom, living room, laundry room, the utility closet and the kitchen nearby.
I watered before we went, but on Saturday, you can give it another try.
With the water bottles I put on the counter. F-i-v-e.

Empty and fill, empty and fill and then
you have to empty and fill and empty and fill again
around five times, yes, f-i-v-e
getting the seeds moist, so they can grow when I get home from my drive

Water the troughs, the green, a liter all in all
and a little bit less for the plants that are small
The kitchen has self-watering sowings,
you just need to turn the light off and on, before you get going.

Yes, every spot has a grow light you turn on manually,
at least four, the fifth is connected to a timer.
Don't forget the windows in the bedroom. That's where I keep my basil and eggplants. Don't forget the tobacco either!
And then there's the aphids, they need to be dealt with continually.

I put the Jerusalem artichokes by the couch in the living room,
get rid of some aphids before you leave.
And touch the tomato leaves, they smell like perfume!
Remember that there's nothing I want to heave.
But worry not, you don't have to pee in the pot!


In short:

The plants in the bedroom windows are the most important. The sun hits them directly and they can dry out quickly. Water the troughs the plants grow in with about an inch of water. Water the other troughs, but not directly into the pots. Look over the other pots on Saturday and Sunday. Don't forget grandma's hibiscus flowers, three in the living room, the citrus trees by the windows, the olive and the bay leaves in the hallway and make sure to give the potatoes in the utility closet a little water too.

The greenhouses have been watered, but the aphids need to be removed. They look like green little dots (I hope you have your new glasses) underneath the artichokes. They are Otto's favorites so make sure to get them all! Thank you, thank you, thank you, hugs and kisses!

The upper picture shows the window in our laundry room right now. I refurnished the indoor projects before I went, so it would be easier for you to water. I put the plants that need the same amount of water together. I hope this watering schedule gave you some inspiration on how you can write your own. Good luck!
/Sara Bäckmo

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