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Our brand-new ice cream maker!

Why go to the store for dessert, when you can make your own at home? I just got a brand-new ice cream maker and it's amazing!

En rostfri stor apparat står på ett trägolv.

We decided to go for an ice cream maker from Wilfa.


The entire family agrees  our brand new ice cream maker is our favorite kitchen appliance, by far. The ice cream we make now is just light years ahead of what we used to make before we had this wonderful machine. A few of my readers asked me to write more about making your own ice cream at home, so here we go!


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Getting an ice cream maker

I remember when I was a child and the entire family dreamed about getting an ice cream maker. Everyone except my dad of course. He didn't want any electrical kitchen appliances except a food processor and possibly a hand mixer. So naturally, we just had to give him an ice cream machine for Christmas that very same year. To add insult to injury, I think I should mention that my dad doesn't even like ice cream very much.

The old ice cream machine from my childhood came with a big bowl we had to put in the freezer for several hours before using it, and then someone had to keep churning the ice cream for about an hour before it was ready. Needless to say, we didn't use it very often.

When I started my own family with two little kids, I decided to buy a neat little ice cream machine. Unfortunately, though, the same old principles applied. I still needed to wait for hours and work hard for very little ice cream. In the end, it just stopped working.


En rostfri stor apparat står på ett trägolv.

You don't need to cool the machine before using it.


The perfect fit

Last summer was just unbearably hot and stuffy. By chance, my level of frustration was skyrocketing at around the same time as one of my favorite online stores had a big sale. And there it was, the ice cream maker section. I decided to just go for it and bought my lovely new ice cream maker for around 200 dollars (around 190 euros.) This model usually costs 300 dollars (or around 280 euros.)


En rostfri stor apparat står på ett trägolv.

The display keeps track of the time and the temperature.


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be there when the ice cream maker first got delivered and had its first run. I got to taste the finished ice cream later that night though. My husband Philip had prepared a chocolate ice cream, and it was absolutely delicious!

The ice cream maker we bought is called Vanilje from the company Wilfa. You don't need to put any of the parts in the freezer to make the ice cream. Instead, it cools the ice cream there and then for around 40 minutes. After that, it stays cold for another 20 minutes. You can put all the parts of the machine in the dishwasher too. And if you want to make even more ice cream, simply add a new batch right after you're done with the first one.


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Hemgjord glass med blåbär och jordgubbar.

Ice cream with berries from the freezer. Photo: Maria Strömberg Bååth.


The best flavor combinations

We use the recipe that comes with the ice cream maker and then add any flavors we happen to have at home. These are a few of our favorites:

  • banana (frozen) and chopped chocolate
  • blueberries and chili/chocolate
  • chopped strawberries and chocolate
  • blackcurrants


Making your own ice cream is so fun! What's your favorite flavor?
/Sara Bäckmo

04. August 2019