21. June 2019

Planting in a plug tray

Using a plug tray is the perfect way to start seeds and get going with a big batch of plants. Try it!

Ett välfyllt pluggbrätte sett ovanifrån. A plug tray, seen from above.

You can grow 150 plants in this plug tray. That’s a lot of plants in such a small space!


This batch of Batavia lettuce plants has been watered and fertilized with diluted urine. It’s been growing nicely in the shade and now it’s finally time to plant the little lettuce plants outside.


Närbild på pluggbrätte med sallat i. A plug tray with lettuce.

There’s just the right amount of soil for every plant in the plug tray cells. It’s time to put them outside or in a pot when they’ve grown this tall.


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I really recommend using a plug tray. That way, you get a whole batch of plants that you can start putting outside in spring, summer or autumn, wherever you find enough space in the garden beds. I use my plug trays for many different vegetables like for example lettuce, sweet peas, kale, parsley, and onions. It works so well!


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When I was just starting up as a gardener, I thought that plug trays were for the pros only. But that’s not true! I make good use of many different kinds of plug trays all season. The small cell trays are perfect for the tiny seeds and I use the larger cell trays for beans and gourds.


You can find good quality plug trays in the online garden stores.
/Sara Bäckmo

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