Gardening Calendar: What I sow in October

You don't have to stop growing vegetables just because it's getting colder outside. I actually sow in October. These are my best picks for sowing new seeds in fall!

Garlic cloves, sow in October.

My garlic cloves, ready to be sown.


It's that time of year now when my seeds are dormant. With a few exceptions, of course. The weather report tells me that we'll get close to 32 degrees soon (0 degrees Celsius). But I'm an optimist and I feel sure that some of my seeds might still germinate. However, I have to think about the fact that we won't have much daylight here in just a few weeks time. When the light disappears and it gets a lot colder at the same time, I will notice the change much quicker.

Some of my fast-growing vegetables are in season in my polytunnel though. I might sow new seeds in there, in addition to what I have already sowed or plan on sowing. Isn't it great to be able to grow vegetables in the greenhouse or polytunnel in fall? It does seem to pay off to sow in October after all!


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What I sow in October:

Growing outside now:
Lamb's lettuce

Sowing outside:
Potato onion (a type of scallion)

Lamb's lettuce
Garlic (grown for the leaves)

Indoors by the window:
Pea shoots
Young green leaves
Garlic leaves





Many of us who grow vegetables and want to harvest almost all season sow new seeds in late fall. These vegetables will be ready in spring, and the process is simply called fall or winter sowing. It has been a bit too warm were I live to get started. I don't want my new sowings to start germinating before winter comes, so I need to stay calm and wait for the right time. Check out my other articles about  fall and winter sowing here in my digital garden:


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Have fun with your fall and winter sowings!
/Sara Bäckmo

01. October 2022

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