01. December 2022

Sowing seeds in December

I love sowing seeds in December and early January. It's the middle of winter and so calm and serene outside. Sowing seeds in the winter cold will help me get an early harvest in spring too!

Every season comes with unique possibilities to sow new seeds. After all, it doesn't really matter what time of year I decide to sow, as long as I know which spots will work for which vegetables. Sowing at this time of the year is all about preparing for an early harvest in spring, but I can't stop myself from growing a few things in my window sill too. This is what I decided to sow in December and early January!


Sow indoors, plant outside and in the polytunnel later

Sow indoors and plant in a hot bench later

Summer carrot

In the beds outside or a cultivation box
Summer carrot
Black salsify


En stor kålrot i jorden. Sowing seeds in December, a large swede.

I sowed swedes in plastic crates, which works really well for me. I'm growing them in a bed fertilized with bokashi here.


In the window, with extra light
Pea shoots
Small leafy greens
Tomatoes in pots
Mini peppers


I do my sowings outdoors and in the polytunnel when it's really cold and wintry outside. The reason why I do this is because I don't want my seeds to germinate too soon. The sowings might get destroyed if the seeds germinate during a milder period and then freeze again when it gets colder. Learn more about winter sowing here.

I grow my vegetables in zone 3, so you might need to adapt your sowings to the climate you live in. If you live further north, you might want to start the pre-sprouting for your hot bench a bit later.

This is just a small selection of your options when you are thinking about sowing seeds in December or early January (depending on where you live of course). There are many other options out there too. This is what I decided to sow this time around, based on the possibilities and limitations of my garden right now. But your imagination is the only real limit, get creative with it!
/Sara Bäckmo

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