To get some grass clippings

It's time for the next episode of my podcast. Today I'll bring you to a place that means quite a lot to my garden. Come with me to get some grass clippings!

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I mulch my garden with many different materials. Grass clippings is one of the best. By mulching with grass clippings I feed the worms and they'll produce plenty of manure - right were I need it. But where to find all the grass clippings? Today I'll bring you to a huge pile.



The pile by the church is huge! I can get most grass clippings in late spring, later on, during summer the grass grows very slowly in dry weather.


A pile of lots of green grass clippings and a white building behind.

Behind the church is this huge pile of grass clippings where I can get as much as I want for my garden.


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24. July 2019

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