19. October 2020

Sow Carrots in Summer

I have a suggestion. Why not sow carrots in summer too? You can harvest the early carrot varieties after just a few months!

Ett knippe med nyskördade orangea morötter.

I often sow carrots in summer for a second late-season crop. The carrots sometimes come in different sizes, but I don't mind it. I actually think that the smaller carrots taste the best.


I wanted to give my readers a little reminder today. That is, to sow carrots in summer for a late season treat! Carrot is probably one of the most beloved vegetables I know of. I have actually never felt like I grew too many of them. So, why not dedicate a few square feet in the garden to a second carrot crop this year?


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The carrots that are perfect to grow in summer (simply because they grow so fast) are called early carrots. Two of my favorite varieties are Nantes 2 and Harlequin. So if you want to start growing carrots this time of year, then you should avoid any fall and winter varieties. These take a lot longer to grow. And of course, you want to harvest them as soon as possible.

Sow Carrots in Summer - Tips

  • water the soil before sowing
  • sow the seeds in rows if you have a lot of weeds, it's easier to do the weeding that way
  • water the sowing every day
  • use a row cover on top to keep the spot damp
  • remove slugs as often as you can
  • try to keep the soil damp all the time


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You can grow your early carrots right in your beds outside, or in raised beds or pots. The last two are especially great if you have a lot of slugs in your garden. That way, they can't get to your carrots as easily. Large pots is of course also a great option if you want to grow on your terrace or patio too!


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If I sow carrots in summer, I generally do it in June and July. For us up here in zone 3, time starts to run out if we do it in August. It takes the early carrots around 3 months from sowing to harvest, so I can start enjoying them in October-November. Don't forget that you can grow your carrots in a greenhouse too. That might be the perfect solution if you live in even more challenging climate than I do!
/Sara Bäckmo

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